The Revised Highway Code is Published

The results of the public consultation last autumn have “driven”(!) the introduction of some new rules and amendments to others. The resulting Code is intended to improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and  horse riders. It’s important that all road users are:

  • aware of the new code
  • understand their responsibility for the safety of others and
  • are considerate to other road users

There are new and revised code that are looking to prioritise road users differently across a serious of situations:

  1. The Hierarchy of road users
  2. People crossing the road at junctions
  3. The use of spaces shared by walkers, riders and pedestrians
  4. The positioning of cyclists
  5. The overtake when driving or cycling
  6. Junctions and cyclists
  7. Roundabouts and Cyclists. riders and horse-drawn vehicles

  8. Parking, charging and get out of your vehicle