Photo of Memorial Stone

The Anglesey Stone

In 2016 Council was successful in its wish to create a Memorial area in the Parish. There is no War Memorial with public access in the parish. Council wanted to widen the scope and provide a focus for those wishing to remember loved ones.

A two tonne piece of limestone was donated by a quarry on the welsh island of Anglesey. It was positionned in a garden in front of the Queen Street Community Centre. The garden had been designed by the children of the neighbouring Anglesey Primary School. It was shaped as a “Q” and is known as the Queen’s Garden. The plaque on the Stone reads as follows:

The Anglesey Stone
A focal point for the remembrance
of & reflection on the lives of
those that we have lost.

This limestone rock has been kindly donated to Anglesey Parish Council by the Aber Quarry, Anglesey, Wales.

Two wooden benches are positioned close by providing seating for those wishing to linger longer.

Each year the Anglesey Primary Academy and The Uxbridge Senior Forum have been present along with parishioners at a short service on the Friday before Remembrance Sunday when wreaths are laid at the foot of The Anglesey Stone.


In 2018 Council purchased and installed four defibrillators across the Parish. The Council is grateful for the ongoing support of the four businesss that allowed the units to be positioned on thier external wall. This makes a defibrillator accessible 24 hours a day 365/366 days a year.

The units are located at The Uxbridge Arms, Queen St, The Pakistani Community Centre on Uxbridge Street, The Scrumptious Cafe on Anglesey Road and the Branston Arms on Branston Road.  The intention was, as far as practicable, to minimise the distance any parishioner is from a unit. They are checked regulalry to ensure that they are available for use at all times.

The units were originally logged with West Midlands Ambulance Service. This database along with others from across the Country are being collated in a single online database. From here  the ambulance call centres can direct callers to the nearest unit. As well as knowing the access code to the cabinets the database also identifies which units have paediatric pads as well as adult pads.

Photo of a defibrilator
Photo Powerheat G5 Defibrillator
Photo of a Bus

The Anglesey Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014 -2031

In 2012 Anglesey Parish Council was one of a group of Parish Councils who were successful in obtaining Government “Front Runner Funding” to carry out a consultation exercise across the Parish. The aim was to produce a document that would be adopted by East Staffordshire Borough Council into their Planning Document Portfolio. The document needed to have to a majority for support from the parishioners at a referendum.

Urban design consultants were brought in to assist with the project. With their enthusiasm and “blue sky” thinking over a period of some months various events were held to gather together the residents ideas for the parish. What they liked; what didn’t they like,. What was important to them; what did they feel was irrelevant.

One weekend, well into the process, a bus tour was organised. The bus stopped at several points around the parish. On board were the results of previous consultations and the ideas that they had generated. Now was the time to try and put some order into these, maybe stretch the ideas out or even add new ones.

Eventually a single document was drawn up with objectives/ visions and policies to achieve these. This document was successful at referendum and now sits in the Borough Council’s planning department as one of the documents that they are obliged to use when considering any planning application within the Anglesey Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Area. Currently this matches the parish area.