Road Closed Ahead Sign

Temporary Road Closure

Advance notice of works closing Uxbridge Street to traffic (except emergency vehicles between its junctions with Peel Street and Queen Street for upto five days,15th to 19th March. The pedestrian access is unaffected.
two buses

Changes to Bus Services Around Burton on Trent

There are currently changes to the bus services in the Area. Please check before you travel!
Coronavirus Testing through car window

Do the right thing – Get a Test!

Staffordshire has sites across the County for testing both those with and without symptoms. These include mobile units so there is no excuse.
Happy At Home

Staffs County Council Happy at Home

Introducing ‘Happy at Home’, a County Council Campaign designed to help residents lead healthier, independent and happier lives and to support them to be able to live well at home for longer. Visit the "Interactive House" at www.staffordshire.gov.uk/happyathome
Photo of Wreaths At The Anglesey Stone

We Will Remember Them

Wreaths were laid at the base of The Anglesey Stone, in the The Queen's Garden at the Queen Street Community Centre.
Photo of Toddler in A Pubddle

Autumn Fun

Kicking through the leaves and jumping in the puddles! Autumn on Anglesey Community Park. Thanks to dad for sharing a little piece of joy at the start of "Lockdown Vsn. 2".
New Parish Council logo

New website – new Logo

The Council has changed its logo! This change was driven in part by the new website currently being constructed. The new logo retains the connection with one of the heritage buildings in the parish. The weathervane on the former Clarence Street Brewery is shaped like a goat.
Photo Anglesey Rd Puddle

Wet Feet in The Parish?

Help us to help you - the responsible  authority is the County Council, based in Stafford. They can't see your wet feet so you need to tell them. We could tell them for you but actually, they listen more to parishioners reporting these things than to us. BUT we are currently trying to collect a list of the sites of the large puddles. Send us the street name and the number of the house nearest to the puddle and we will add it to our list!